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Natural Beaded Rows

Natural Beaded Rows, the original beaded row extension method, is what we specialize in at Muse. We only offer the absolute best for our Muse Babes!

NBR provides the most seamless and natural look, while also protecting the health of your natural hair.

To get a closer look at Natural Beaded Rows and learn why Muse is the perfect place for you, tap below.

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How Does NBR Work?

If you’re looking for a damage-free and comfortable hair extension option, Natural Beaded Rows Extensions (NBR) are perfect for you.

NBR Extensions are applied utilizing the original and refined beaded row and ISLA®️hand-tied hair. Strategically placed beads create minimal points of contact and perfectly distributed weight of the extensions to protect your natural hair. 

This method was specifically designed to achieve maximum results with minimal damage

What Are Natural Beaded Rows Extensions? 16 |
What Are Natural Beaded Rows Extensions? 17 |

Do What You Want To

NBR is Perfect for An Active Lifestyle

Unlike other extension methods, NBR is safe for an active lifestyle. You can style as you wish, but with the unique design of NBR, you can also wear a pony tail while maintaining invisible extensions!

Because of the hand-weft method and the personalized weight distribution, NBR extensions allow you to live your life without worrying about damaging your extensions.

With our extensions, you can swim and workout without worrying about ruining your beautiful hair. They are perfect for everyday wear!

Will they look good?

Color Match Guarantee

With NBR at Muse, we not only are coloring your natural hair, but we are coloring each piece of extension hair to match the exact color placement that was set in your natural hair. This process is curated just for you! We also keep a large hair stock to always be able to choose exactly what is needed!

After all, you are not just extending your hair, but crafting a new hair experience for yourself. Once in place, you will not be able to tell extensions were ever added. We promise.

At Muse your color is evaluated at every maintenance appointment. Whatever is needed that day between your natural hair and your extension hair to keep things looking fresh, blended and beautiful is completed!

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Recent Transformations

⬇️Make sure you stylist is doing these two things⬇️
Every part of the extension process is crucial to giving you hidden extensions. But if these two things aren’t done, it’s a for sure giveaway!

•CUSTOM coloring your extension hair!
We’ve seen too many times that guests come in with extension hair taken right from the pack and put on to their head. This will 100% be a giveaway that you’re wearing extensions. 
We always customize everything! Rooting, low-lighting, toning, or any combo of those things!

With the placement of our extensions at Muse, we give you more hair around your sides and face. Another common thing we see is placement that is too squared off and too far behind the ears. This means you’re going to end up with an ‘expensive mullet’. Our placement gives the most natural look and luxurious, voluminous extensions✨
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This beauty has had a couple of different beaded row methods. She experienced NBR at Muse for the first time this week! She is in LOVE! Most of my guests wonder where this has been their whole life…. We hopped on this cowboy copper trend too! 🤠 
A few big points to compare… 

1. NBR has the most safe and comfortable track out of any method. The hand-tied hair is sewn onto the track, not the natural hair! This is major!
2. The placement of NBR fills in the sides! No expensive mullets at Muse! Also no need to supplement those areas with other methods! 
3. The pure detail that is used to ensure a perfect blend. Specifically custom color on your hair and the extension hair and the hair cut. 
4. Did we mention the VIP service that you get as a Muse guest? You deserve it! 
Have you been unhappy with your extension experience? Or maybe there are a couple things you wish were different but you have accepted that as normal? We offer complimentary consultations and can tell you what NBR can do for you specifically!
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Julia and Cyann’s story..
It seemed appropriate because today is @Cyann.muse first day of owning Muse WA!🤍
Drop her a congratulations below!👇🏼

 Their story began three years ago. Cyann was a guest at Muse. She was getting her dream hair for her wedding. All while checking out Muse and Natural Beaded Rows. She had heard about Julia and NBR from one of Julia’s clients. This client came in to see her for a blowout. Cyann was instantly curious about what this magic was that was in her hair. She started following Julia and Muse on IG as well as started researching the education inside of Natural Beaded Rows. She became just as obsessed and enamored as Julia already was!

She signed up to be in the Acadamy of NBR and continued to follow Julia’s journey. After Cyann’s first intensive in Dana Point CA she knew she had to work at Muse! She sent Julia a message wanting to talk ASAP. Julia had just finished up some platform work for NBR and promised to call her back when she arrived at the airport. That is when it all began. Julia knew it would be a good fit and could hardly wait for Cyann to be a part of the team!

Cyann moved all the way from Eastern WA to Western WA and began her career with Muse. She started off as Julia’s assistant but didn’t stay there for long. She did set the standard for assistants to come because of her extreme attention to detail and efficiency. She progressed faster than any employee had and was on the fast track to success! Her books got full and she became the most detailed artist that Muse had seen. Julia and Cyann have always been very aligned and Cyann quite obviously loved the brand of Muse just as much as Julia. More in comments👇🏼#nbrextensions #seattlehairextensions #phoenixhairextensions #scottsdalehairextensions #olympiahairextensions
Can you imagine waking up to the best hair of your life with total ease? Here’s why you need to try these extensions:
✨ Say goodbye to flat hair and hello to voluminous, flowing locks that turn heads wherever you go.
✨ Boost your confidence and feel truly beautiful with a stunning, envy-worthy mane.
✨ Our expert artists ensure a seamless, natural look that blends flawlessly with your own hair.
✨ Enjoy endless hairstyle possibilities. Straight, curled, waved, ponytails even half up! 
Join us at Muse Extension Lounge and experience the transformative power of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. Hair by @juliaward.muse 💫
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