Julia Ward 1 | Photo Mar 07 2023 8 14 47 PM

Julia Ward

Julia has been in the hair industry for 20 plus years. She has always been intensely passionate about hair and transformations. She has also found a love and niche for entrepreneurship and leadership roles.

Four years ago Julia stumbled upon Natural Beaded Rows and immediately fell head over heals in love. It became her greatest passion in her entire career.  It also became an addiction for Julia – giving  women something they thought that they could never have – and change not just the way that they look but also, the way that they FEEL.  

Julia specializes in blonding! Also, natural, lived in, and sun kissed looks. She is known for her flawless beach waves that last for days and her seamless blends.

Fast forward to now – Julia not only transitioned her entire clientele to wearing only NBR, but also opened up Muse Extension Lounge and leads the most talented, passionate and detailed extension artists that exist! 

She also has a huge commitment for the brand of Natural Beaded Rows — so much so that she wants to pay it forward.  She inspires other artists to follow her example by embracing the one-of-a-kind NBR method.  One of Julia’s biggest honors was when she was asked to train others to be successful in the NBR method.

She is also a mom of three beautiful daughters who are her absolute joy, delight and her why!  She enjoys talking about all things fashion, exercise and health. Julia also has the most loving support system from her family and friends. They breath life and positive energy into her every day, and with every client.