Struggling with hair loss? We feel your pain, and we have a solution.

This brand new Muse Babe wanted to treat herself for her birthday and get extensions! She did research before choosing what method she wanted because she was concerned about maintaining the health of her hair. From her research, she decided to get Natural Beaded Rows from Julia at our new location in Gilbert, Arizona!

After having babies and Covid, she experienced a lot of hair loss. Hair loss is heartbreaking, no matter the cause, and can create that pit-like feeling in your stomach, because we attach so much of our identity and confidence to our hair…It’s not superficial or vain, it is about so much more than hair! At Muse we know how you feel if you’ve experienced any type of hair loss, because Julia also lost half of her hair due to Covid. So, we have the knowledge and tools to be able to give you your confidence and hair back!

This is why maintaining the health of her natural hair was so important! Luckily, at Muse, we specialize in the Natural Beaded Rows method because it is the best method on the market for effortless, natural extensions, that work on a multitude of hair types!

Because of the placement of NBR, the beading foundation, and the customization, Julia was able to give her exactly what she was looking for! A lot of guests with hair loss and fine hair worry about getting extensions out of fear of damaging their hair.

NBR is perfect because we are able to customize everything to your specific needs and goals!

Julia used her favorite foiling method to create beautiful, lived-in dimension and a pop with the money piece. She did a root smudge and glazed her to a natural, bright blonde.

At Muse, we also get access to NBR exclusive hair from the Isla hand-tied hairline. They have a new color that we’ve all been loving, 6/10nn! It is a gorgeous, high-contrast blonde mix that can work for blondes, brondes, and brunettes!

She left feeling absolutely amazing and over the moon with her hair! It was just what she needed to start feeling confident again, and she was so happy she did this for herself!

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