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Natural Beaded Rows, the original beaded row hair extension method, is what we specialize in at Muse. We only offer the absolute best for our Muse Babes!

NBR provides the most seamless and natural look while also protecting the health of your natural hair.

Our goal is to make you feel relaxed and to have you never want for anything! No stone is left unturned when it comes to your experience.

To get a closer look at Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions and to learn why Muse is the perfect place for you if you live in Olympia, WA, tap below.

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How Do NBR Hair Extensions Work?

If you live in Olympia, WA, and are looking for a damage-free and comfortable hair extension option, Natural Beaded Rows Extensions (NBR) are perfect for you.

NBR Hair Extensions are applied utilizing the original and refined beaded row and ISLA®️hand-tied hair. Strategically placed beads create minimal points of contact and perfectly distributed weight of the extensions to protect your natural hair. 

This hair extension method was specifically designed to achieve maximum results with minimal damage.

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Do What You Want To

NBR Hair Extensions are Perfect for An Active Lifestyle

Unlike other hair extension methods, NBR is safe for an active lifestyle. You can style as you wish, but with the unique design of NBR, you can also wear a pony tail while maintaining invisible extensions!

Because of the hand-weft method and the personalized weight distribution, NBR extensions allow you to live your life without worrying about damaging your hair extensions.

Since our hair extensions are made from the highest quality 100% Remy hair, you can swim and workout without worrying about ruining your beautiful hair. They are perfect for everyday wear!

Will they look good?

Color Match Guarantee

With NBR at Muse, we are not only coloring your natural hair, but we are coloring each piece of extension hair to match the exact color placement that was set in your natural hair. This process is curated just for you! We also keep a large hair stock to always be able to choose exactly what is needed!

After all, you are not just extending your hair but crafting a new hair experience for yourself. Once in place, you will not be able to tell if hair extensions were ever added. We promise.

At Muse your color is evaluated at every maintenance appointment. Whatever is needed that day between your natural hair and your extension hair to keep things looking fresh, blended, and beautiful is completed!

Is NBR better than other hair extension methods?

Why NBR Is The Best Choice For Your Hair Extension Experience

Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) method is an innovative hair extension technique that offers unique features and benefits that make it stand out from other hair extension methods.

One of the primary advantages of using NBR is that it is less damaging to natural hair compared to other methods, such as tape-in extensions or clip-ins. This is because the beads used in the application process are not glued onto the hair, which can cause breakage and damage. Instead, the hair weft is sewn onto the beads, making it a gentler application method.

NBR is also incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike other methods that require constant re-application, NBR only needs to be adjusted every six to eight weeks. With proper care, NBR can last up to six months, making it a cost-effective option for those looking for a long-term solution.

NBR has gained a loyal following due to its ability to create a natural-looking finish using high-quality Remy human hair. The rows of beads used in the application process allow the hair to lay flat against the scalp, creating a seamless blend with the natural hair. Unlike other methods that can appear bulky or unnatural, NBR produces a beautifully blended finish.

Customers who have tried NBR rave about how comfortable it is and how it doesn’t cause discomfort or tension on the scalp. Additionally, because the method uses high-quality hair extensions, the final look is incredibly realistic and beautiful.

Natural Beaded Rows method is a fantastic option for those seeking a gentle, easy-to-maintain, and cost-effective hair extension method.

Its unique features and benefits have been proven through customer reviews and personal experience, making it a popular choice for those seeking a natural-looking and seamless blend of hair extensions with their natural hair.

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Anything Else I Should Know?

Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) FAQ,s

Do NBR Extensions feel like real hair?

YES! You cannot tell the difference between your original hair and the NBR Hair Extensions.

Is The Application Painful?

Not at all. It may feel a little tight initially, but it will not be uncomfortable.

Will my new NBR Hair Extensions blend with my real hair?

YES! It’s insane how well they blend with your existing hair. Your stylist will custom-color each piece of extension hair to match your current hair color.

Can I style them like my natural hair?

100%! Natural Beaded Rows are meant to be treated like your real hair. Remember- it’s real hair, so treat it like that! Blow dry, straighten, curl, etc.

How often do I have to maintain them?

About every 6-8 weeks, you will have to get the rows of hair moved up since there is natural hair growth, and then about every six months is when you’ll repurchase brand-new hair to keep it fresh! This recommended timing also depends on your natural hair growth and how well you treat your hair!