How To Top Wash

How To: Top Wash

One of the perks of NBR is being able to go longer between your washes!

But, we all have those times where mid-week we are wanting a little refresh BUT we don’t want the time commitment of washing and blow drying all of our hair…

This is where the top wash comes in!

To begin, brush your hair and section out the top and sides around your rows. Then, get the hair left out wet over the sink or bathtub. Add your favorite shampoo, Julia’s is Iles Formula. Add water and more shampoo until you get a nice lather. Rinse well, add your conditioner, and rinse. Next, towel dry and add your serum, such as the Iles Formula finishing serum! Lastly, you’re going to blow dry and curl to blend with the rest of your NBR!

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Why is at home hair care so important?

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This Muse Babe came to Cyann less than a year ago with some major breakage from hair color trauma, and her natural hair was fragile and broken. She really wanted to be lighter with her color but one of Cyann’s top priorities is always the integrity and health of the natural hair, so she told her that she couldn’t do bleach for awhile, just so her hair could repair and grow more.

She was patient and trusted Cyann with her hair and now for her new install this time, they were able to go lighter! A huge part of her growth was the home care she did! Consistent with move-ups, minimal heat styling, and using high-quality products makes such a big difference! Looking at her photo makes us so happy because you can just tell how confident and over-the-moon she is!

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