4 Winter Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

NBR extensions can transform your look, opening the doors to some of the unique styles you’ve dreamed of. When done right, NBR is versatile, glamorous, and attention-grabbing, keep in mind that you may want to make some adjustments in how you style and care for your extensions in the cold. Consider adjusting your winter routine to keep your hair looking voluminous and healthy. It’s important to remember that best practices change with the seasons.

Winter Hair Care

Lowering the temperature on heating tools like flat irons, blow dryers, and crimpers can prevent breakage and keep your extensions from being damaged by the cold. Keep that in mind as you style your hair when it’s chilly out.

Instead of brushing from your roots and down, brushing your NBR extensions from bottom to top in a downward motion before washing your hair will keep your extensions in good condition during the winter months.
Washing your hair less and deeply conditioning more often helps keep your hair healthy. Try to limit washing to once or twice a week, and don’t go out into the cold while your extensions are wet. If you wash less often, using a protective spray will safeguard your hair and extensions to keep them from drying out. Remembering these tips will simplify your winter hair care.

Curious about how to style your NBR extensions during the holiday season? Keep reading to learn about four styles that are sure to turn heads and keep you looking hot during the coldest time of the year.

Crimping and Waving

Want a rippling mane to keep your neck and shoulders warm when it’s cold out? Crimping or waving your hair is an easy way to achieve an elegant look and stay comfortable.
Whether your hair is naturally straight or curly, either style can be easily achieved with the right tools. Use a waver for a deep, beachy, contemporary look. Another option is to use a crimper to give your hair a zigzag feel or a kinky aesthetic reminiscent of the 80s’ fashionable glory days.

Choose from a variety of styles once your hair and extensions are properly crimped or waved. From curly buns to ponytails with volume and waves, you’ll find the look that works for you. Tap into your creative expression, and don’t be afraid to explore your options. You can find plenty of style suggestions online, but you may want to consider talking to a professional NBR stylist to get the look right.

Side-Swept Braid and Wave

Going for a wavy hairstyle that carries a sleek, tame vibe? A side-swept braid and wave will present a sophisticated, graceful opulence to your hair. With proper care, NBR extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair, making side-swept waves perfect for braiding.
To pull this off style, you’ll want to part your hair on one side of your head, preferably around your temple. This section is where you’ll start braiding, so if your hair is thick, coarse, or crimped, you may want to wave and tease it first. To keep it subtle, start your braid slim, on the side of your head with less hair, closer to your ear. Don’t be afraid of weaving tight to keep your braid from frizzing.

Braid a crescent around the edge of your scalp toward the base of your skull. As you move toward the back of your head, thicken your braid by adding hair to it. Discreetly use bobby pins to secure your beautiful torsade in the back or keep going until the braid reaches around to your opposite ear. Let the rest of your hair drape over your shoulder on the opposite side of your short part, blending with your braid while your waves work their magic.

High Ponytail

High ponytails are great for a clean look that shows off your outfit and accessories. Plus, if you prefer to feel the winter air when you’re out and about, you’ll appreciate the breathability around your head and shoulders. High ponytails are easy to pull off when done right, and you can set yourself up for simple restyling when you’re ready to switch things up.
Start by spraying your hair with dry shampoo or texturizer while it’s down and out. This will add volume to your hair and NBR extensions. To get an even ponytail, lean forward and brush your hair from the back to front, staying mindful of where your extensions begin to keep them from getting pulled out.
You’re going for a sleek feeling all over your head. Using a hair tie, make a ponytail just behind your crown. Loosen the rows of your extensions by lightly pulling them out of the ponytail just enough to ease the tension and create a voluminous look.

Creating a Bun from Your High Ponytail

Once you’ve tied up a sleek ponytail, twist your hair and wrap it around the tie to create a top-knot bun. Tuck the tail end of your hair into your tie to secure your bun. Use hair pins to shape the bun into the style of your choice.

If you have any loose hair in the back, use your hands to glide your hair up toward the bun in the back of your head. Slide in a fashionable hair clip and secure loose hair to keep your bun together. Apply a light texture spray to your head and bun. From here you have the option to accessorize with a matching scrunchie at the base of your bun.

By following this method, styling a bun from a high ponytail will keep your hair from getting tangled and messy when you’re ready to let it down. If you started with straight hair, it should be easy to brush it out for a sleek look. You should be able to easily wear it straight the next day without it being frizzy or knotted.

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