3 Benefits Of Using NBR Hair Extensions

Natural Beaded Row, or NBR Hair Extensions, created by Danielle K White, give many hair styling benefits.

Installing natural beaded row extensions will leave you with natural-looking hair extensions that you can rely on.

It is less damaging to your natural tresses than other hair extension methods. 

In addition, the microbead technology ensures the extensions are securely adhered to and remain in place for an extended period of time.

NBR hair extensions provide a unique solution for those who want manageable, light-body, natural-looking locks.

Protect Your Natural Hair

Suppose you are looking for easy-application hair extensions that won’t damage your natural hair. In this case, NBR Hair Extensions is a great choice:

  • NBR Hair Extensions use beads and strings to install a hair extension without using hair-damaging glue or heat.
  • The perfectly distributed weight of the extensions protects your natural hair.
  • It takes less than three hours to apply.
  • Extensions that hide better in your natural hair and won’t slip out.
  • You have 6-8 weeks of wear before they need to be moved up.
  • They are made from 100% human hair.

Afterward, you can style your hair easily since they take up very little of the surface of your scalp. 

Best Suited For Any Lifestyle

NBR Hair Extensions are a perfect choice for all hair types and lifestyles.

Whether you love DKW styling or a more classic look, they will add long-term length and volume, allowing you to express yourself through different hairstyles.

They are great for an active lifestyle. They won’t be damaged by swimming or working out. You can even sleep in them, so you don’t have to miss a beat!

You can wear NBR Hair Extensions confidently every day, knowing they are designed to withstand all life’s adventures.

nbr hair extensions

Custom Colored To Match Your Hair

If you’re looking for the perfect hair extensions that are colored to blend seamlessly with your own hair, look no further than NBR Hair Extensions.

Not only can you find a wide variety of textures and lengths to choose from, but you can also opt for custom coloring so that you know it fits your look perfectly. Muse Extension Lounge can create one-of-a-kind extensions custom colored to match your unique hair color.

This means no more opting for a shade that’s close enough. Instead, you get seamless blends that include every complementary color in your current cut and style.

Even better, these NBR hair extensions are made from high-quality materials designed to last. So you know you’ll get great looks that will stay in style for a while.

Clip-In, Fusion, and Weave Extensions 

Clip-in, fusion, and weave hair extensions are still very popular when looking for a transformation. But can come with some very adverse effects.

We have created a list of what won’t happen when using NBR Hair Extensions versus their counterparts:

Clip-In Extensions

  • They are usually made from poorer-quality synthetic hair.
  • It can’t be worn for long periods of time.
  • They need to be removed before sleeping.
  • Somewhat bulky, they may not be suitable for thin hair.
  • They can fall out or shift over the day.
  • Not suitable for an active lifestyle.

Fusion Extensions

  • Has one of the longest application times, with the norm being around 6-8 hours.
  • There may be damage and breakage when applying.
  •  They can damage hair.
  • Discomfort in the days following application, such as itchiness or a tight pulling sensation.
  • The locks may be visible if they have not been applied properly.
  • They are not really suitable for thin hair as the bond will show through.

Weave Extension

  • Those with thin hair need to be careful, as if the weft is too heavy, it can pull harshly on natural hair.
  • If the supporting braid is too tight, it can cause pain in the scalp and headaches, as well as scabbing and even hair loss.
  • Not as versatile in terms of styling options.

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